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Mikhail Lomonosov (1711-1765)
He was the father of Russian science, the founder of Russian literature.
He was an outstanding poet.
M. Lomonosov was a physicist, an artist, an astronomer, a historian and a statesman.
He made a telescope. He observed a lot of stars and planets with the help of his telescope.
Lomonosov wrote the first scientific grammar of Russian language.
He was the founder of the first Russian university.
This university is named after M. Lomonosov and it is situated in Moscow.

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Mikhail Lomonosov was born in 1711 in the family of a fisherman in the northern coastal village of Denisovka not far from Archangelsk. When he was ten years of age his father began to take him sea fishing. The dangerous life of a fisherman taught him to observe the natural phenomena more closely. During the long winter nights young Lomonosov studied his letters, grammar and arithmetic diligently.
Being the son of a peasant, he was refused admission to the local school. After some years, through concealing his peasant origin, he gained admission to the Slavonic-Greek-Latin Academy and for five years lived a hand-to-mouth existence on three kopecks a day. The noblemen's sons studying with him made fun of the twenty-year-old giant who, in spite of the jeers and his own poverty, made rapid progress.After five years came the chance of entering the Academy of Sciences, as there were not enough noble-born students to fill the quota. His ability and diligence attracted the attention of the professors and as one of three best students he was sent abroad. He spent all the time there studying the works of leading European scientists in chemistry, metallurgy, mining and mathematics.his return to Russia in 1745 he was made a professor and was the first Russian scientist to become a member of the Academy of Sciences.
For versatility
Lomonosov has no equal in Russian science. Many of his ideas and discoveries only won recognition in the nineteenth century.
He was the first to discover the vegetable origin of coal, for instance, and as a poet and scientist he played a great role in the formation of the Russian literary language, eliminating distortions and unnecessary foreign words. He died in 1765. His living memorial is the Moscow University, which he founded in 1755.

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Задание на первый урок с репетитором по английскому языку - First ENGLISH lesson
Переведите с английского языка:
- to be born
to observe the natural phenomena
- to be the son of a peasant
to be refused admission to smth.
to conceal one's peasant origin
to gain admission to the Slavonic-Greek-Latin Academy
to live a hand-to-mouth existence
to make rapid progress
- to enter the Academy of Sciences
to fill the quota
ability and diligence
to be sent abroad
works in chemistry, metallurgy, mining and mathematics
- for versatility to have no equal in smth.
a discovery
to win recognition
the vegetable origin of coal
to play a great role in smth.
the formation of the Russian literary language
to eliminate distortions
one's living memorial
to found the Moscow University

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Проверьте свои ответы (переводы с английского языка):

наблюдать явления природы быть сыном крестьянина
получить отказ в принятии в (какое-либо учреждение)
скрыть свое крестьянское происхождение
быть принятым в Славяно-греко-латинскую академию
едва сводить концы с концами знать,
знатные люди
делать быстрые успехи
вступить в Академию наук
зд.: чтобы набрать нужное количество
способности и усидчивость
послать за границу
работы по химии, металлургии, горному делу и математике
зд.: по количеству открытий не иметь равных в чем-либо
получить признание
растительное происхождение угля
играть большую роль в чем-либо
формирование русского литературного языка
устранить диспропорции
«памятник», нечто, что увековечивает память
основать Московский университет

Answer the questions:1. What kind of family was Lomonosov born in?
2. What kind of childhood had he?
3. How did he gain admission to the Slavonic-Greek-Latin Academy?

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— I advise you to see the Statue of Liberty.
— All right. I'll try to see this statue and take photos there.
— I think that it is necessary to visit Washington, D.C. Will you go there?
— Oh, of course. We'll stay 4 days in New York, then we'll go to Washington, D.C. I know that Washington is the capital of the USA, and the city was named after the first President George Washington.
— By the way, I hope that you'll see the famous cherry trees in Washington, D.C. These trees are a gift from Japan. They were brought to Washington in 1912.
— We'll visit Washington and Philadelphia. It was the capital of the USA from 1790 till 1800. The
USA constitution was the first written constitution in the world adopted in this city in 1787.
— The USA is far from Russia. How long will it take you to go there by plane?
— It'll take us 8 hours to go there by plane. Sorry, we are in a hurry. Good-bye!
— Good-bye. Good luck.

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2. What kind of interesting places are there in
3. Where is Trafalgar Square?
4. What do you know about the British Museum?
5. What English holidays do you know?
6. What is the capital of the United States of America?
7. What is the symbol of the USA?
8. Tell something about history of the "Lady".

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We really have many achievements in our country.
Some of them are closely connected with my friends.
For example, my friends Roman and Vica visit Norway two times a year.
They study at a special school and learn the language of the country.
When they visit Norway they don't live in a hotel.
They live in the house of their friends.
It is interesting and useful for them because Roman and Vica hear the foreign language and watch the traditions and customs of this family.
It was difficult for Russian people to visit foreign countries some years ago.
But it is possible to visit them as a tourist now.
If you have enough money and a foreign passport you can visit foreign countries and see a lot of places of interest.
For example, my friends Tanya and Yura buy a permit, a guidebook and visit foreign countries.
I am sure that the achievements in our country are connected with democracy.
Now it is possible to read many independent newspapers and magazines.
We get a lot of interesting information from the press.
We can buy the books which we want now.
We can subscribe to different books, to the newspapers and magazines.
I think that modern writers are free to express their thoughts.
Some years ago it was impossible to say what you wish, for example, at meetings.
Now one can tell the truth at meetings, at school, everywhere.
And I know that it is connected with democracy too.
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